McLeod FMS 3PL Platform version 17.2 Release Notes

Id Title Description
FMS-4089List ERP Export in the Data Administrator. In the Data Administrator screen we have added functionality to log and show ERP Export files sent from FMS. Previously we only showed ERP Imports.
FMS-3929Make FMS website updateable without forcing users to log in againUpdate to the User Interface to allow for an update using the F5 key without forcing user to log in again.
FMS-3851Carrier Insurance Policy / LiabilityIntroduces the Insurance Policy Details screen, which ties the insurance information on the Carrier screen and Risk Management screen together. The Insurance Policy Details screen is accessible from both the Carrier Screen and the Risk Management screen.
FMS-3829Make Carrier contact information Company-specificIn the Carrier screen we have added company specific information so customers can designate their own contact. We have also added a Bid Contact to accompany the Operations Contact.
FMS-3618Mileage Calculation phase for OptimizerUpdates to the Mileage Calculation process to speed the processing of the Optimizer.
FMS-3104"FILO" setting for project and functionality in the OptimizerAdded a setting to the Project Details tab for "First In, Last Out loading only". This functionality puts a restriction on how stops can be ordered.
FMS-4071Blanket orders and CrossDock locationsModification to logic for CrossDock locations to disable the use of Blanket orders.
FMS-4009Assigned routes option for OptimizerAdded an option to define certain assigned routes that will be utilized by the optimizer to group orders that match the criteria together.
FMS-3989Linked orders optimization handlingEstablishing for the Optimizer that linked orders that are processed will remain linked when applied to a load or removed from a load.
FMS-3908In Order Manager add Column to identify Cross docking ordersAddition of a "Y/N" column to the Order Manager grid indicating if an order is a Cross Dock order. We have also added a filter to allow the user to view only Cross Dock orders.
FMS-3847Verify driving time Creation of a warning message that indicates if the driving time is not feasable for an order when it is manually entered, imported or when the Origin/Destination are changed.
FMS-3612FMS Cross-Dock architecture changeChange to the database structure to store the intermediate stops on a cross dock order to a separate table to speed up processing time.
FMS-4052Changes to Fuel Surcharge ScreenIncrease decimal point to three places for Revenue and Cost PEG fields, Revenue and Cost Increment fields, and for the Custom Matrix.
FMS-4101Minor changes in shipment documentationSome cosmetic changes to the shipment documents. These include cleaning up the format for TOTALS as well as the number of decimal places for pallets on both of the BOL types.
FMS-4090Purchase orders receiving weight and quantity updates after shippingA change to functionality so that orders that receive weight and quantity updates AFTER they are shipped will not indicate an error. Instead a comment will be added to the order indicating the changes. Such changes received before the order is shipped will continue to show an error until addressed.
FMS-4084Update of stop contact from the loads screenAddition of functionality to allow a user to update the contact name, phone number and email address from stop on the load screen as they need to without affecting the contact information set in the location table.
FMS-3987Time interval warning and time zonesUpdate to make sure that time zones are taken into account when calculating for time interval warnings.
FMS-3973Create rules for manual addition of productsUpdate to manual entry of orders to keep users from entering products with zero units or weight.
FMS-3963Set Macropoint to use FMS# instead of the internal load numberSet the FMS# for as the load indicator sent to Macropoint and received by the customer from them via email.
FMS-3952Purchase Order LTL Rating and saving lowest rate carrierAdditional functionality that saves the lowest rate carrier to the Order Comments when using LTL rating.
FMS-3940User interface on ARR/DEP tab of Loads screenCosmetic changes to the arrangement of the Macropoint buttons and the Driver Check Calls grid on the ARR/DEP tab.
FMS-3932Load Details - Arrive and Departure tab, consolidate spaceCosmetic changes to the ARR/DEP tab of Load Details screen to consolidate space in the Actual Arrival/Departure Times grid.
FMS-3893Expedited show on PO or LoadAddition of a check box on the Load Detail screen as well as the Order Detail screen for "EXPEDITED" Loads and Orders.
FMS-3883Auto-tender logic: use weekly/monthly percentageAddition to Project settings to add calculation of current volume commitment based on loads carried in the last week or last month.
FMS-3876Process for carriers to gain control over their accountChanges to the Carrier creation process to assist carriers with existing accounts log into that account if they have forgotten their user credentials.
FMS-3765Add filters to Alert Messaging pageAddition of Filtering options on the Alert Massaging screen for Project and for Division.
FMS-3704Emergency restore for canceled loadsNew functionality in the Load Details screen to allow Administrator users to bring back a load that is currently in CANCEL status.
FMS-2978Alert Messaging Profiles "Customer" settingThe addition of Customer as well Project and Division settings when creating and defining an Alert Profile.
FMS-3931Macropoint user setup authority for Super AdministratorsAn addition to the Authority Details tab in the User screen to allow MacroPoint API access for Super Administrator users.