McLeod FMS 3PL Platform version 18.1 Release Notes

Id Title Description
FMS-4239Order detail. Rate lookup.A new tab has been added to the order detail named "Rate lookup" where you can display all lanes and awards, for all modes, found for the order origin and destination. You can also direct tender the order with one click to any of the awarded carriers.
FMS-4314User authority for Alert Profiles.A new rule has been added to the User Profile permissions to limit access to the Alert Profiles.  This rule allows or disallows Create/Update/Delete rights for Alert Profiles.
FMS-4304Order detail Splitting display.In the Order screen we have added the CUBE value to the Remailning Products grid.
FMS-4303Order Manager: Make column cube a sortable column.A change the the Order Manager grid to allow the user to sortr by the Cube collumn.
FMS-4301Optimization Results Page: Add Cube column to Single Orders section.On the Optimization Results Page, a Total Cube column has been added to both the Optimized and Single Order sections.
FMS-4293IM Equipment Type/Sizes.Update to the Equipment Types and Sizes to include intermodal equipment.
FMS-4281Alert fields are too narrow.Expansion of the Alert Title field in the Alert Profile screen.
FMS-4280Update load status and ETA status from Check call entries.An update the the Late ETA functionality to calculate the ETA whenever a Driver Check call is entered. If the updated ETA is greater than the Late Departure Window, the screen will update the load with a Late ETA status. This update is done whether the Check Call is entered manually, through EDI, or through Macropoint.
FMS-4271Optimizer results totals.Modify the Optimized Cost display to indicate: Order cost, Optimized cost, Single cost, Total cost, and Savings. The number of optimized is also indicated.
FMS-4276Order detail cost issue.Set the Miles and Cost on an order to update immediately if a cross dock stop is removed. Previously the user had to save the record for it to update.
FMS-4268PO Intermodal and Linking items to revision.A change to the linking functionality to 1) allow an Intermodal order to be a candidate for PO linking and to be tendered if suitable Lane is available, 2) Don't allow crossdock orders to be Intermodal candidates, and 3) In Total PO section show total values for Link set.
FMS-4262"Combined Report (XLS)" from the Load Management Grid.Adding Accessorial charges to the Export to Excel functionality on the Loads Management grid.
FMS-4257Project. Zone set display is too narrow.Expand the width of the Zone Set display on the Project screen.
FMS-4256Create default setting for Cross dock locations.A new control file setting has been added to the Cross Dock section under the Lanes tab of the Project screen that allows the user to set up for the automatic application of a cross dock location when an order has a specific origin state. If the control file setting is not used, the user still has the capacity to add a cross dock location to an order manually.
FMS-4167Order Manager - Manage operation screen changes.Changes to the Order Manager screen and the Operations Manager screen to help make things more visible and less crowded.
FMS-4156Review and improve layout of User Details, Authority Details tab screen.Update to the layout of the Authority Details tab on the User screen to make items more visible.
FMS-4132Intermodal. PO Optimization.Several modification integrating Intermodal mode as an option for Optimization.
FMS-4069Visibility of sales agents issue.Update permissions so Sales Agents will be visible to all types of Administrator users.
FMS-3569Mandatory fields - highlight and messages.Updates to several screens to better represent mandatory fields.