10-4 Systems and McLeod Software Announce Joint Partnership

Integration Enables Best-in-Class Customer Service for Shippers and Carriers

Boulder, CO; Birmingham, AL - (October 19, 2016) 10-4 Systems, the highest fidelity form of multi-modal shipment tracking in North America, today announced that it has integrated with McLeod Software, an industry leading provider of transportation management software. This integration provides Shippers and Carriers the ability to gain transparency into their networks through McLeod Software’s PowerBroker.      

10-4 is currently integrated to more than 8,000 Carriers, both asset and non-asset, and works directly with these Carriers to provide visibility to their Shippers, giving them a best-in-class customer experience.  A series of proprietary methods are used to obtain direct Carrier visibility into both the tractor and trailer for transparency of any shipment moving throughout the supply chain.

10-4 provides a hierarchy of settings and automated system alerts for shipments running early, on-time, in jeopardy or late. They continuously recalculate the ETA and give customers the ability to share this information internally across Ports, Distribution Centers, Wholesalers and externally to the final Consumer. By using real-time carrier data, 10-4 geofences key locations in transit so you can share delivery windows for planning purposes and offer the most unique customer service tool in the industry via mobile, web, and desktop notifications.

"This is an exciting integration for both our Shipper and Carrier customers as it enables a “plug and play” solution for McLeod software users." said Travis Rhyan, 10-4 President and CEO. "McLeod users can now turn on the integration and share and/or consume real-time location and shipment data with any partner in their network."

”Partnering with 10-4 Systems allows our mutual customers the ability to share information with their entire supply chain from start to finish” said Robert Brothers, Manager of Product Development at McLeod. “Increased efficiency and a better customer service experience creates a win-win for everyone involved.”

About 10-4

10-4 is redefining the future of transportation by providing the first and only integrated, automated visibility portal connecting Shippers, Carriers and Brokers to track freight and provide delivery notifications for inbound and outbound shipments in real-time. Visit www.10-4.com to set up a demo.

Source: McLeod Software

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