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Author: Victor Isaev
Victor Isaev
FMS Software Architect
McLeod Software

After analyzing the latest industry trends and considering current transportation business requirements, McLeod FMS has developed a new integrated optimization module as a part of our software suite. It is our belief that the FMS Optimizer will fulfill the need for an easy to use software solution that will combine all steps of logistics cycle, from the Sales Manager placing a product order, through orders consolidation and optimization, to load building and tendering, execution and management by exception, OS&D control and reporting, invoicing and audit to, finally, billing and settlement. All this with 100% transparency and visibility of SaaS solution.

The keystones, pillars of our optimization solution that allow it to stand out on the market are:

·         ERP integration:  While there is always an option to enter product purchase orders directly into the FMS web-interface, most of our customers choose to utilize API integration with their existing ERP systems. FMS features flat file and XML order import as well as a web-service integration option.

·         Combination of automation and full control:  Once the FMS Optimizer receives a batch of orders it processes them in an automated mode so the results presented can be used right away. However, the user in FMS always has full control over each load and can manipulate stops, schedules, and can add or remove orders before choosing to proceed with tendering to a carrier.

·         User-friendly intuitive interface:  The Optimizer interface is equipped with stop sequence diagrams that are easy to understand. There is also a combined Map display option allowing the user to see all loads or focus on particular load-builds the optimizer has suggested. All necessary controls enabling load building are right there as a 1-click solution.

·         Labor laws and government regulations compliance:   The FMS Optimizer takes into account driver’s hours, restricting illegal loads from being built and suggesting optimal drive time and rest intervals.

·         Optimization through consolidation:  The key to optimal efficiency in transportation is maximizing truck utilization.   Optimizer leaves no stone unturned looking for better ways to put orders together based on weight, cube volume, or pallet space.

·         Consolidation by truck, multi-step consolidation, cross-dock consolidation:  Imagine five orders going from Duluth to Orlando to make a truck load.  An additional two orders continuing to Miami will make a multi-stop load and save additional $1000.  But maybe, it makes sense to cross-dock those in Atlanta and save even more? That’s a question the Optimizer can answer.

·         Real-time changes and flexibility:  Do you get last-minute phone calls canceling shipments from your warehouse or have a non-stop flow of orders from your sales division?   All of these can be handled by the FMS Optimizer.  Real-time changes to orders and changes to optimization results are allowed and combined with the flexibility of manipulating key parameters of your optimization.

FMS Optimizer also features:

·         Partial use of optimization results, “crème de la crème” approach

·         Support of cross-docked product orders

·         Loading / unloading guidance

·         Lowest cost optimization option with multiple rating vectors

·         Temperature control and HazMat compliance

·         Guaranteed feasibility and scheduled delivery, even with strict appointments requirements

·         Minimizing empty miles by combining outbound and inbound loads

The FMS Optimizer is no longer a new product.  It is being used by our customers in their everyday transportation activity within the McLeod FMS Application.  Optimized solutions are executed utilizing waterfall tendering making goods and trucks move across the country each day, every day.  The results can be quantified in an Optimization Savings Report, which measures optimization and execution efficiency.


For more information, contact: 

Cody Arnold,

Regional Sales Manager


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