Maintain complete control of your logistics process and revenue stream with McLeod Freight Management Solutions for 3PL

McLeod FMS streamlines your logistics processes:

  • Create a network of carriers to profitably cover your lanes of operation.
  • Measure performance, profitability and savings for your clients.
  • Find the optimal delivery mode for each and every order.
  • Manage cost and revenue automatically or on individual loads as needed.
  • Increase productivity of staff by automating the load execution process.
  • Utilize Dock Scheduling to manage staff, docks and driver wait time.
  • Provide consolidation services to multiple customers, while accommodating individual contracted rates.
  • Accounting interface with McLeod Load Master as well as other packages.
  • Eliminate IT overhead by using a cloud-based TMS system.

Efficiency is the key to managing cost, revenue and performance.

With McLeod FMS you get a comprehensive solution with software tools for bid procurement, order management, load optimization, and load execution that work together to ensure that you’re managing your freight in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

How the McLeod FMS tools work

  • Bid Procurement

The Bid Procurement tool within McLeod FMS gathers critical data from your clients and carriers, and then uses optimization algorithms to devise the best match between both the client and carrier networks.  By optimizing the freight procurement process, McLeod FMS can offer carriers the best possible lanes for their business. This boosts efficiency and saves them money, enabling them to offer better rates. This strengthens your business relationship with clients and carriers.  

  •  Order Management

Combining orders from multiple sources can be a major challenge for operations. McLeod FMS interfaces with most major ERP systems providing a seamless flow of order data that enables your company to plan effectively and identify potential issues before they become problems. The orders received can be manually tendered for load execution or sent to the optimization module for automated mode selection.

  • Mode Optimization

The Mode Optimization tool in McLeod FMS allows you create shipping plans based on parameters you set according to the client’s business needs. The tool makes it possible to compare continuous moves as well as mode shift LTL to FTL. You can manually modify elements within a plan to ensure all loads are created to your satisfaction.

  • Load Execution

The Load Execution tool brings all these elements together by automating the tendering process and much of the operational work of managing shipments. Waterfall tendering is an option that can be used in conjunction with automated load tendering.  Load information can be sent to the carriers via EDI or a web portal and then carriers either accept or reject the load. The software makes it possible to track the progress of loads, compare your actual orders to your plan, and focus on managing the operation by exception.  Not only will the McLeod FMS Load Execution tool dramatically reduce the amount of labor required to manage your freight, it will also diminish errors and support your efforts to manage proactively.

The following diagram helps to how these tools interrelate.

Enjoy the benefits of Cloud Based Software

McLeod FMS allows for ease of use, low entry costs, and low overhead expenses. McLeod FMS hosts the application, manages the support, and provides all enhancements and upgrades. This model is very favorable to companies of all sizes looking for an effective solution without the large capital expense of a new computer system and the overhead of an IT department.  As a cloud based solution, McLeod FMS provides real-time visibility to your company, your clients and select carriers.

A Solid Return on Investment

  • Aligns each client’s network with the networks of carriers.

    Carriers move loads at lower costs because the optimization system offers each carrier the best possible loads for their business, which translates into greater profit.

  • Standardizes the freight procurement process.

    Standardizing accessorial charges, fuel surcharges, claims, freight payments, detention, and on-time compliance drops the cost of transportation and improves the level of service as well as the profit margin. 

  • Ensures integrity.

    The tool provides visibility into the load tendering process for both clients and carriers. Carriers have access to their loads and are able to check their awards as well as review their performance over time. Similarly, clients can monitor in real time the tendering of orders and the execution of loads to track service levels.

  • Streamlines your load execution.

    By automating tasks that have been handled manually in the past, you reduce labor expenses and boost efficiency.

  • Optimizes your mode selection.

    You can compare costs and find the best match for each shipment and load. This helps in creating more cost effective solutions for your client’s particular needs.  You are also able to consolidate services to multiple customers, yet bill each based on their individual contracted rates and tariffs.

  • Empowers you to fundamentally improve your freight management.

You can go from being reactive to proactive and start finding more ways to improve and grow your business.  You and your carriers will also be able to utilize the Carrier Scorecard to monitor their performance.


McLeod Software is the leader

Since 1985, McLeod Software has provided transportation management and trucking software solutions to the trucking industry and is a leader in the marketplace for developing software for transportation management, trucking dispatch operations management, freight brokerage management, fleet management, document imaging, workflow, EDI, and business process automation. These solutions are comprehensive and support integration with a broad array of complimentary logistics products.

With FMS, McLeod Software offers applications for bid procurement, order management, mode optimization, and load execution to the transportation industry.


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