SaaS approach to Data Warehousing

Making Client Specific Data Available to External Users for Custom Queries and Reports


While SaaS cloud-based software is great at providing savings for your business lowering IT staff expenses, it also comes with a new challenge of separating single company-related data and securely accessing it for custom reporting and data analysis.

Author: Victor Isaev
Victor Isaev
FMS Software Architect
McLeod Software

Indeed, with the multi-tenant data storage employed by the cloud-based software solution, the burden of access control lies upon the solution provider and the customer neither does have any control nor, in many cases access to the raw data.

See how your data can be used for thorough multi-dimensional data analysis with the McLeod IQ solution.

McLeod FMS data warehousing solution tackles this problem providing nightly updates of 100% accurate single-customer data snapshots – data that can be accessed, transformed and manipulated in any way imaginable while preserving security and integrity of the original SaaS system data, with no impact on system performance.

  • FMS solution isolates and maintains specific data in a form that enables client users to run their own custom queries and reports.
  • We keep data current through nightly updates.
  • Client data is protected from exposure to other clients or any third party.
  • The latest backup of the FMS database is used as a source of data.
  • An SQL Server Integration package extracts client’s data and transfers it to a separate database.
  • A copy of that extracted data is sent to the client’s server via FTP in form of SQL Server Database Backup file.
  • A process runs on client’s server side restoring the fresh data snapshot as soon as it arrives
  • Cube processing / other data preparation tasks are triggered upon data arrival.


McLeod FMS provides this raw data availability solution to its customers upon request. There is an additional requirement for data warehousing server and access credentials to be provided.


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